#FarrisStory: Trucker Turned Pastor Always Giving Back

This is a great idea and I'm sure lots of people are appreciative for the opportunity.
Most people joke about not getting along with their in-laws, and I guess some are not joking. My in-laws are great people. They have taken me in and treated me as if I were blood kin.
My mother-in-law is great with babies, toddlers and seniors. She just has a way of making them feel comfortable with her, and feel loved. After retiring from an elementary school cafeteria, she still cooks for people, gives away food, and sends plates to elders and sick people. My oldest son, now 27, labeled her 'Mema.' To this day, she probably gets called that by a large number of people in our community, probably almost as much as her actual name.
My father-in-law is the most generous person I've ever met. After he came home from the army, as a Vietnam veteran, he worked in produce for a while. There are a lot of orchards and produce markets near by. Then he went to trucking school, eventually bought his own truck. He made good money trucking and was good with his money. I know he has given away, as well as spending on others, a large amount of money. Only him and God know how much. He doesn't talk about it. When a friend died, he told about the two of them loading the back of a pickup with as much food, toys and clothes as it would hold just before Christmas. They took it to a local children's home and give it to them. I'm not sure how many times they did this, because, once again, he doesn't brag. Later in life, he answered the call to preach the gospel. When he agreed to pastor a small church, he knew long hall trucking would not allow him to devote the time required, but the church wasn't big enough to pay him a full time salary. So, he sold his truck and took jobs delivering heating oil, propane or produce locally. After going through radiation treatments for throat cancer, he realized his health and age no longer allowed him to keep up the hard work involved. He says he still has a message to tell about the love of God, and fills in at local churches when needed." - George from Cana, VA