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"I was inspired by my Grandfather, Papa Tony. He was one of the smartest men I've ever known and was all self taught. He was a tinkerer and police sergeant. He designed and wired his own home security system. He also took equipment apart and built new things out of junk equipment. He actually came up with the idea for the Clapper and built one as a joke before it ever existed commercially. He took apart one of those dancing flower toys that danced to music back in the 70s. He removed the sound sensor and hooked it up to a lamp so that you clap to turn it on. If only he had had the foresight to patent the idea! He is the reason I grew up loving science so much. He and I would watch Mr. Wizard and try to recreate the experiments at home. It's because of him I'm an engineer and I now work supporting the military aviation industry. I miss you Pa!" - Rob