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"So it's about my dad, Rick. He was a Marine Officer, retired now, and this is just a little bit of how he inspired me when I was young. He was always home in time for dinner. That may not sound like a lot, but for you that aren't military brats or military yourself, it's a big deal. There is always something coming up to hold you another hour. But he made it home. It wasn't until I was older that I learned just how early he was going in. I went the way of the military as well, Naval Officer, Submarines, then I learned first hand just how much of an effort on his part that took. 12-13 hour days were the norm, so to have that and be home for dinner at 5:30 was something not counting the workouts he did before going in to the office. I'm doing the same with my job now. I'm out of the Navy, but I make sure that I'm in early enough to be home right after my oldest gets off the school bus so I'm always home in time for dinner. Money, promotions, that stuff was lower on t he list, what was important was spending time with his family. That was probably the best lesson he taught me." - Daniel