Can a cigar inspire?

"My story started 8 years ago, I had just went to college and join the ROTC program at a notable Senior Military College. I was a never a stand out leader, more of the kid that stood in the back, observing and making a plan of attack. Well, that all changed when I met Master Sergeant J. He became my role model in both school and career to become an excellent soldier. We would go to the local shooting range and he would help me practice with the M4 and M9 and because of him, I was able to qualify expert. It was how he lived an upstanding life, I devoted mine to be at that standard. Flash forward to the present, I am no longer in the army, but a Police Officer in the central Virginia area, using the techniques and tactics Sgt. J taught me all those years ago. And its because of him I have managed to make it out alive after every firefight I've been in." - Matt