Can a cigar inspire?

"My Dad, a man of great moral integrity who lives each day content in his relationship with God through Jesus by the Holy Spirit. Thing is, he'd never need to say a word to impact my life or the lives of all the others around him. The way he lives sets a profound example of how to live and interact in this world. He works harder than anyone I know or have met both at things he has to for his own livelihood and for other people. He's crazy fruitful too, rising from a, barely finishing high school, farm boy with nothing (materially) to having profitable investment properties all across America. Money hasn't changed the man either, its just empowered him to do more of what he lives to do, give to others. He literally doesn't spend money on himself and if I didn't know any better I'd think he doesn't even spend time pursing his own self interests, hobbies, if you will. It just appears that way though, because his interests are just in helping others and doing things for others. That's how
he gets his kicks. Love my Dad and I'm so thankful for the powerful example he's set for me and that even though he's involved with so much he's always there when I need him most." - Mark