#FarrisStory: a wife as beautiful today as she was when they first met 34 years ago

"My wife is the best. She doesn't want me to use her name, therefore will call her Alice.
We have been married for 34 years and she is still as beautiful as when we first met, in the Deep South. Southern runs deep in our roots as does her Southern Charm. She has been tolerant of my whims and firm in her stand on life love and liberty. When I began smoking a few cigars, embraced my new found habit with a humidor, fully seasoned and stocked. But in our city, we did not know about Ted's Cigars so I haven't tried any. But when she saw that Ted was looking for a little place in Montana (Big Sky Country) she made me sit down and watch it. Then said, "you want to go visit Ted's Store and get some cigars?" We don't have that tripped planned yet, but looking forward to the day when we can.
They broke the mold with my wife (Alice)." - Bob