#FarrisStory: "if i choose not to try, i have chosen to lose"

"The person that inspired me growing up was my father. My dad taught me a lot of important lessons growing up. He has a strong work ethic, and expected the same from me even at a young age. The reason I have the great job I have now is because he taught me to never give up; and that success is measured by how hard I am working.
He would never let me quit something I started, and stayed up late helping me finish numerous school projects because I had imagined something spectacular and started in on it. He told me that of something is worth starting, it is always worth finishing. That if I choose to not try, I have chosen to lose.
He was with me in dark times of my life. In Junior High I was caught and charged with theft. I was so ashamed. As I worked through my community service, my dad would tell me every day 'this doesn't define you.' I was very fortunate it didn't go in any permanent record. My wife of ten years and I have suffered through multiple miscarriages, and my dad has been there to support us and grieve with us every time.
My dad set an amazing example for me growing up. He taught me about Jesus, and taught me how to live the life a man should live; taught me how to grow up and not be a little boy. He loved me regardless of what I was going through, and never gave up on me. He's the reason I am who I am today." - Chris