#FarrisStory: "she was 5' but seemed 10' "

"Nan'a Collares was a stern faced, loving, no-nonsense caring lady. She became more than just a teacher. I was a know-it-all 16 year old when we first met at Escola Americana in Rio de Janeiro. She set me straight about my mouth by grabbing my arm and 'walking' down the hall to a corner out of which I could not get. I was 6'-3'; 225; she was 5' but seemed 10. In a voice slow and specific I heard exactly how we could get along or be at odds for 2 1/2 years! I respected her and soon grew to love her, we sang tener together, she changed song keys so I could sing is school plays, and 'jumped' (pula) Carnaval with all students who wanted to learn. She actually cared about each student, but each of us felt her personal love. That was 48 years ago, Yesterday, July 9, 2015 a bright and shining star left this earth but she will never leave the hearts of her students, especially mine. She would get a kick out of a "Nan'a" cigar!"