#FarrisStory: 3rd generation firefighter

"My grandpa has always been an inspiration for me. He has instilled core values on how to treat everyone as a person and never to judge or act differently towards the rich or poor. 'A man is a man all the same' he would say. I always strive to live in his standards to treat everyone fairly. Any time I was going through a hard time he would always have words of wisdom to lift my spirits and help me get through my problems. It was evident from a very young age I was going to follow his footsteps in becoming a firefighter. I am now a 3rd generation volunteer firefighter in my family on the same department my grandpa served. When I became a firefighter I would talk to him about the good and bad calls. He would know the right things to say to lift my spirits. He has since passed but I can always hear him tell me 'You did what you could now pick yourself up and go to the next call.' " - Michael