#FarrisStory: "Hands down, my dad!"

"Hands down, my dad! My dad smoked Swisher Sweets for years, when I started my cigar hobby, he would always give me a hard time about 'smoking those dog turds!' I lived in Phoenix at the time and dad would often visit. While I was at work, dad was checking out my humidors and decided to try one. Unfortunately, he chose one of the boldest cigars in the humidor and when I got home, the poor guy was green! After he told me what he had done, I told him I would pick out a mild cigar to try the next day. I never got dad fully hooked on 'real' cigars, but he did have one with me when we golfed and he visited. Little did I know how much significance these good times would be as my father was stricken with cancer and passed away within 10 days. He may be gone, but the memories will always be with me."