#FarrisStory: "if something was worth doing, it was was worth doing to the very best"

"I was in my last year at the University. Switching from chemistry to business made the five year experience very long, but I was ready to graduate with the best job offer in my class. An accounting professor had become my mentor, and had helped me in numerous ways to make my way educationally. He took one more stab at it. He sat me down and explained that if something was worth doing, it was worth doing to the very best you could achieve. These are trite words, but are so true. I didn't take his advice right away, and instead floundered at bit the first year in business. After my first anniversary in business, I woke up remembering his last words of wisdom and altered my lifestyle and business methods. Nose to the grindstone and work to achieve goals became my mantra, and it paid off. To this day I keep his words in my mind and think of them when I want to get lazy."