#FarrisStory: Taking over the family business

"My Grandmother is also a woman who inspired me. My grandmother (NAN) and my father kept a small jewelry store in a small town open through many difficulties and we still own the business. Opened 1922 we purchased it in 1965. My grandmother never pushed me to join the business, in fact she said do what you love. So I went to Culinary school in HydePark NY, and she paid for half of my education (I found this out after I graduated) After I graduated and worked in the Culinary field for over a year I was asked b my father if I wanted to come work for the business, I said yes since I'm the only one that can continue the business under the same ownership name. Even though my grandmother since retired from the business she still continued to have an influence to me and the business. My grandmother fought in her battle of diabetes with my father and I helping as much as we could, until she passed one morning. I love Nan and miss her greatly and I hope I can make her proud to continue the family business and name. This is just a brief story of my grandmother who inspired me in many other ways." - Patrick