#FarrisStory: Adopting five girls in need of a good home

"Well this story is like many others. It starts like this. My parents were thrilled to have two of four children out of the house. My older sister and myself, the second oldest. I was off conquering the Last Frontier; that being the great state of Alaska while serving my first 5 years in the Army. My parents took in five little girls, my cousins. All the while their birth mother was trying to figure out her life living in squalor or being housed in whatever jail she could find. My parents eventually adopted ALL five girls. Shortly thereafter my brother, the last of the "original four" as we are referred to, graduated high school and moved out. Well the long of the short is my parents, who are now in their mid to late 60's, sacrificed personal gains and an empty nest for the sake of these girls. The girls' nurturing and well being was paramount. Now adults, they range in age from 23 to 30 and have for the most part been good stewards to society. Except for the sounds of pitter-patter of little feet when the grandkids visit, my parents now have their empty nest."