#FarrisStory: sharing a fine cigar with a beautiful women

"Beautiful Women have always played an integral part of my life it seems. Many have become significant lovers in my life as I have been longtime lovers for them. I enjoy renting homes on the beaches overlooking the magnificent Pacific Ocean with many of my special loves over the decades. One woman I have known was a close friend of my late wife that I dated and shared my life with her in these romantic interludes many times. She even at 80+ years is still Aphrodite in beauty, form, and intimacy with me.. In our younger years, I rented a home near Bodega Bay, CA for three days... Always the homes are secluded and have private Hot Tubs overlooking the ocean... With a delicious bottle of 10 year aged Forman Cabernet Sauvignon in hand, Reservations made at the exclusive restaurant known as "The Inn of the Tides" in Bodega Bay, and my gorgeous woman hand in hand dressed in exotic fabrics from Europe captured in her worldly travels... The culinary treats of the dinner arousing the hedonistic forthcoming in a special moment yet to consume of flesh and rapture. To embellish the sweet love share between each other, we enjoyed drinking the only Ruby Port available with a fine cigar I brought for both of us to consume with the distant waves crashing upon the beach... The finale of the full Moon shimmering in the pitch blackness was the lust we shared in the private Hot Tub (au natural), with long lingering kisses remembering the joys yet to savor, as the lushness of the Port and Cigar was the memory that we would mark the incredible love forever..."