#FarrisStory: Sharing the Sam Adams Utopias Cigar

"My story is a short one as I've never been a cigar smoker. I'm a craft beer connoisseur of sorts. I collect bottles of Sam Adams Utopias and at one point time noticed an advertisement for Ted's Cigars Utopias Cigars. Not being able to resist, I quickly went to Ted's Cigars website to find that it was true and begun to order Utopias Cigars as Christmas gifts. This was a couple years ago and on Christmas Eve my daughter, my son-in-law, and I enjoy smoking a Utopias Cigar by Ted's and now we will be making it our third year that we do so. Since then I have purchased several other unique cigars by Ted and have started a collection of those side-by-side with my Utopia beer by Sam Adams." - James from Goffstown, NH