#FarrisStory: Uncle Teaches Golf, Cigar In Mouth

"Who influenced me the most, my Uncle. He introduced me to cigars as well. He taught me how to drive and to golf. My favorite memories and there were many, but mostly he was there to teach me how to play golf. We would be at his driving range, and I always had my clubs that he bought me for Christmas with me and I'd start hitting golf balls. He would be behind me and I knew it because I could smell the cigar. He would spend countless times telling me not to swing my club like it was a baseball bat. Lol I learned the game of golf and the science behind the game. To this day I love to play, and enjoy a cigar as I play. And most of all, even though my uncle isn't with us anymore, we still play because I feel him with me on the course when I play." - Randy from Galloway, NJ