#FarrisStory: Steered In A New Direction

"In 1982 I had no direction or plans for career. I had been a painter and auto mechanic, and installed hard wood floors. At the time for fun, I was racing at the Bonneville salt flats and the dry lakes for Bud Morrill, a man that became 1 of 2 mentors/friends in my life. One day I was at the race shop, and we were talking about the next race, and the car prep needed, and Roy Campbell a former Indy car and team owner walked in. He was a friend of Buds, and at the time I didn't know, that Bud had asked him to talk to me about a job as a machinist/ fabricator. We visited a few minuets, and he asked me if I wanted to learn to be a machinist, I said sure, so Roy hands me his card and say's be there at 7:00 tomorrow morning.
I worked for Roy almost ten years. Every day was fun, he taught me to machine, weld, sheet metal fabrication and about business. Sometimes he took on jobs, that he would not make money on, because he wanted me to know how make it. Roy also encouraged me and my then girl friend to get married and buy a house. Roy told me that is not that hard to accumulate wealth, just go to work, buy a house, and don't get a divorce, and don't get into debt.
Roy decided to retire in 1990 and I decided to open my own company. Roy told me to crab a handful of everything because I will need it. He also sold me my 1st machine. 25 years later my wife and I have had a successful company and marriage, and we get to work together every day. We have been tremendously blessed by God, and because 2 men took the time to invest them selves in me they helped shape my families future." - Dale from San Marcos, CA