#FarrisStory: "Sometimes it takes just a little spark to get that fire growing."

"My brother is my inspiration on my current career path. In December 2009 my brother joined the United States Army and shortly thereafter he deployed to Afghanistan. He was my hero when he told me joined and I was so proud when he told me he was deploying because as I found out later, only 1% of Americans are eligible to be in the US Army. As for myself I had been at a good job and had gotten comfortable in my day to day works. Comfortable meaning I was overweight and not exercising at all. Seeing the dedication my brother had and his patriotism made me want to do it as well. Not to mention that he is my younger brother and it is a bit of tradition in my family to be a part of the military. My Dad and a few of my uncles have all served in the Marine Corps. Seeing my brother do it gave me the inspiration to get off my butt and do something. I went from 230 lbs to 163 lbs. I entered the Army in October 2012 and I'm still enlisted. Sometimes it takes just a little spark to get that fire growing. Just like when you smoke a cigar." - Gabe from Colorado Springs, CO