#FarrisStory: "never embarrass our last name"

"My dad is/was my inspiration. My dad passed away 9 years ago and I miss him more and more everyday. My dad was a man who struggled financially his whole life. However, even at times when he had no money in his pocket, he would have told you he was the richest man in the world. That was because he had the greatest gift(s) in the world. A loving wife, children and grandchildren.

While he did own his own business, life was always a struggle financially but he always did what he could for his family. He sacrificed vacations and new cars so he could send his kids to good schools so they could get an education.

My dad is my inspiration because he taught me to work hard and that the good things in life are not the things money can buy. He always told me to work hard, love your family and respect those who deserve it. And he always told me one thing that I have passed on to my own son, and that was to 'never embarrass our last name.' I'll forever give him that promise." - Michael from Maspeth, NY