#FarrisStory: Sam, The Prisoner

"Thank for the story about your grandmother, she obviously was a wise women, faithful to God. Those are rare. For ten years I was blessed to have opportunity to spend Sunday afternoon's at one of the many prisons just north of Houston, in Huntsville, visiting and doing Bible studies with men in prison. One man in particular I visited was actually an inspiration to me. He was in for manslaughter, he killed his father in law, whom he found molesting his daughter. I should mention in the fight between and his father in law (caught in the act), Sam was blinded. With all this happening, this man, first name Sam, had a fabulous attitude and asked me to bring young people along when I visited, so he could tell them not to take action when angry, and to keep and respect the law. Sam's attitude was very inspiring. When I heard your story about your grandmother, it took me back to the days of visiting Sam and others. Some of the men are still there, but some are gone, Sam was released and now lives with one of his daughters while he fights Cancer. I will retire soon, and have already planned to take up visiting prisoners again." - Martin from Houston, TX