#FarrisStory: 'Regardless of their vocation, they exemplified to me what it means to be a man'

"Its the aroma that stays with me. When I smell a cigar being lit up it brings back memories of the men who played important roles in my life. As a young man growing up without a father I met men who became inspirations to me. Some, very successful business men and entrepreneurs, others who devoted themselves to transcendent causes. Regardless of their there vocation, they exemplified to me what it means to be a man. They showed me what it means to provide for your family, and what it means to give 100% to your passions. Many of these words of wisdom and talks concerning life were around a camp fire, hot tub, or backyard over a good cigar. What is fascinating to me is that the majority of these men smoke cigars, and showed me the beauty of gathering to laugh, talk life, and enjoy a good one. Out of all these men, one stands out. Scott Lisea. Thank you for being an amazing man in my life. Thank you for showing me the beauty of life, oh yes, and the beauty of enjoying a good cigar with brothers." - Anthony from Simi Valley, CA