#FarrisStory: 'I tried harder'

"I was born in family of nine children eight boys and a girl. She ruined our baseball team!!!! Interestingly enough six of the nine were born in August and August is our last name. I guess my parents loved Thanksgiving and gave thanks on that holiday. Being number two son of a large family like the Hertz logo 'I tried harder.'
My older brother was an intellectual genus and all throughout my early years number two son was often forgotten and could not do anything right.
I learned to pray hard, work hard, believe in myself and my talents. Undergraduate college was difficult for me however, I was very blessed to be awarded with a Bachelors in Science in Pharmacy. College became easier for me because I immediately signed up for graduate school and three years later was awarded a masters in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Throughout my career, I have always worked hard and accomplished many things such as author to three patents and writing a technical book however I always remember my roots and learned that the struggles we have as a child often define us better at accomplishing our life's work.

Presently, I am retired and daily care for our grandchildren making sure that they enjoy their young years. It's amazing to see them grow." Thomas from Glenolden, PA