#FarrisStory: Parents Inspire Love Of Traveling

"My parents were the greatest influence in my life. They always found the time for my sisters and myself and instilled upon us a love of reading, traveling and learning. Some of my best memories are of our yearly vacation trips. We were not rich and always camped in order to make the trips. Some years it might have only been few hours away from home and camping in Upstate New York, but there were also trips across the country; visiting and camping at most of the National Parks. Before I graduated from high school, I had visited all the lower 48 states and much of Canada. Both of my sisters and I were able to go to college, thanks to their financial and emotional support. They also believed in giving back to the community through volunteer work and passed that unto us as well. While they have passed on now, I don't think a day passes when something they did for me doesn't bring on a little smile, or maybe a tear." - Charles from Monroe Township, NJ