#FarrisStory: Friends Build Wheel-Chair Ramp

"Here's my story: One afternoon after leaving my mother's bedside at a local hospice (terminal illnesses), I was running an errand on my Harley when I got into a bad accident, breaking lots of bones. My second night in the hospital my mom, unfortunately passes on. Feeling really low and now confined temporarily to a wheelchair, I awake one morning to a bunch of friends (some I met through church) building me a beautiful ramp system. Now I can get in and out of my home. I did not ask for this and all they would take in return was my gratitude. Wood is not cheap, and let me tell you this is SOME ramp.This to me was very inspirational, feeling so low, brought a smile to my face. And thank you to F M K for picking up the tab. And by the way Ted, all men involved love cigars!" - Matt from Monroe, NY